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End of Tour & Live Videos

Image by 17 seconds photography.


The Nightbringer / Lychgate tour has concluded. Many thanks to all involved and those that made it to the shows!

Our next appearances will be as follows, with more to be announced:
Howls of Winter Festival III—Tallinn, Estonia - 6 Feb, 2016

Roadburn Festival*—Tilburg, the Netherlands - 15 Apr, 2016

Kings Of Black Metal Festival*—Alsfeld, Germany - 22 Apr, 2016

MetalGate Czech Death Fest OpenAir—Červený Kostelec, Czech Republic - 17 Jun, 2016

The shows marked * will feature organ and piano in the performance.

A selection of live videos from the tour:
Occult Sabbath V, 27th November 2015, Oberhausen, DE
Dust of a Gun Barrel

Le Klub & Ondes Noires, 25th November 2015, Paris, FR
Unto My Tempest + Davamesque B2

Sceptre to Control the World